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Catrice Liquid Liner Review


There are so many liquid eyeliners out there. I mean SO many. And I’ve tried a lot of them. Everyone has their own style that they prefer to wear too. Some people wear a thin strip with no flick and others go for a thick bold line with a sharp flick at the end. I love to paint on a sharp cat eye when I have the time but most of the time I don’t (I am not a morning person so attempting to paint on gel eyeliner at 7am usually doesn’t end well for me) so I love using a product like this one to save time.

A few weeks ago I purchased the Catrice Liquid Liner because I started a brand new job and realised it just too time consuming doing intricate gel eyeliner with my beloved Inglot 77 every morning. But if you know me, you’ll  know I’m rarely spotted without a little bit of eyeliner on. I am the epitome of the ‘why are you late? Because I had to do my eyeliner’ meme, so I had to resolve this problem. I popped into Penneys and headed straight to the Catrice makeup stall, a long time favourite of mine, and picked this little gem up. I went back to buy this product a second time since so now I’ve tried both the waterproof and the normal version of the Catrice Liquid Eye Liner.


The Catrice Liquid Eyeliner is really great liquid eyeliner. Between the two, I rather the normal over the waterproof. After a few weeks I noticed the waterproof had started to flake a bit once it dried. I also I wouldn’t call it waterproff, although it has great staying power & lasts all day but compared to the Inglot Gel Liners for so long nothing ever seems waterproof again.

I didn’t find have any flaking at all with the normal liquid liner. I really love the formula. I put my eyeliner on at about 8am and take my makeup off again at around 8pm and it stays on all day long.

The Downside

My only problem with this is I have very oily eyelids. I find they both tend to transfer if I don’t wear primer and shadow. If I wear primer it is totally fine. That could be down to my extremely oily skin but it is really the only downside to this product.


Why I Love It

First off, did I mention it only costs €3.99! The pigmentation in the Catrice Liquid Eyeliner is brilliant. It’s super black and doesn’t need to be layered at all. It has a sturdy, felt tip brush makes it really easy to draw a nice, precise line. It dries super quick too, which is a plus when you have to keep making your liner thicker and thicker because you can’t get each side to match and you need to blink and it ends up in your crease. Oops.

Overall I really love this product. Great pigmentation, great lasting power and great applicator. It is definitely a product I will be purchasing again!

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