Contouring Tips for Pale Skin | Part 1 - Pale Girl

Contouring Tips for Pale Skin | Part 1

Contouring Tips for Pale Skin | Part 1

  1. Use a face powder rather than a branded bronzer, that way you can just get a colour thats 1 or 2 shades lighter than your own skin tone and it looks more natural. Some bronzers are just way to dark for us pale girls to wear daily and can just end up looking orange.
  2. Use a light hand. This might sound obvious but I really mean it, build up on bronzer slowly and make sure you’re not pressing the brush into your skin, you want a nice light glow – not an orangey/brown patch..
  3. Use a good brush. I tend to use a ‘skunk’ brush as I call them, or as orther would say a fluffy duo fibre brush. You could also use a brush like this (insert picture of fluffy powder brush). I find the sparsity and softeness of the bristles really helps to blend the powder into the skin.
Hope this was helpful!
Stay tuned for Part 2 – Definition & Cream Contouring

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