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Cute Ebay Finds | #1

These are some cute new finds I came across lately on ebay that I thought i’d share. Everything is under €10 including postage. I actually have the lipstick holder myself, it’s only €3.00 and it’s perfect! I’m kind of obsessed with the Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess skater dress and might need to buy it. I had a search for a hoody version but had no luck! I’m addicted to cute stationery, I won’t lie. There are probably so many DIY things you could do with the washi tape, I have some already and it’s a cute alternative to normal tape but you could use it for decorating & covering notebooks. The chevron straws are just cute and awesome. Think cocktails. Need I say more? And how pretty are the crystal necklaces?! It’s a random bunch but hopefully you see something you like or might have been on the lookout for!

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