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D.I.Y Candle/ MakeUp Brush Holders

D.I.Y Candle/ MakeUp Brush Holders

I was feeling crafty one evening last week and decided to do a little D.I.Y of my own. I’ve been reading a couple diy blogs lately and i’ve been feeling quite inspired so i decided to take out the arts & craft box and see what I had.
I noticed this tall coffee jar in my house and thought it could be a pretty good height for my make up brushes! Of course, i couldnt be happy with one I had to rummage through the glass recycling bin and found a honey jar as well that I thought would be perfect as a little candle holder!

What You Will Need:
Any kind or colour of Glitter
Mod Podge or any PVA Glue
Fixative (optional, or try hairspray!)
Sponge or Paintbrush
A jar (Coffee jar, jam jar, any kind really!)
Ribbon or beads (Optional)

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So I set out newspaper on my kitchen table (to save cleaning up the tornado of glitter after), and cleaned out the jars I planned on using. This was so easy and quick to do and my friend was over that evening so it was a nice little way to catch up over some arts and crafts haha!
I just covered the outside of the jar in Mod Podge (not the bottom) using a sponge, I used quite a thick layer just to be sure all the glitter would stick and I didnt miss any part.
After this was done, I pour the glitter over the jar (which I held over the newspaper) and covered the whole thing. The pot of glitter I have is pretty handy because it has a sifter on top to stop a complete over flow of glitter! Also means I don’t waste any.
For the candle holder, I just roughly poured some blue glitter over the top of the jar and then continued the same with the black glitter.
After doing this to both jars, you can add extras such as ribbon or even beads or buttons to the top of the jar like I did with the brush holder and secured it on with a glue gun, but i’m sure you could use other types of glue and it would work just fine!
Another option is to spray them with artist fixative (or hairspray – basically the same) to help stop the shed of glitter off the jars after they’ve dried.
Let the jars dry for a little while (maybe an hour just to be sure!).

I used a mini Yankee Candle in ‘Christmas Cookie’ in mine that I got for €2.50, smells deeeelish!
I know this isn’t the hardest D.I.Y to do but it thought the idea might be helpful and fun, especially coming up to Christmas I plan on making lots more with green & red glitters and silver & gold!
Hope you enjoyed this wonderfully glittery post!

Aisling Wallis is the writer & creator of Pale-Girl.com. She is a 23 year old Business & Event Management graduate currently living in Ireland. Pale Girl is a blog about all kinds of make up, lifestyle, travel & all sorts.

  1. Chloe Ryan Makeup

    19 November

    I love it! They're so cute and festive for Christmas!

  2. Aisling

    19 November

    Thank you! I cant wait to make some more 🙂

  3. kb

    20 November

    looks really cool! might give it a try! x

  4. jennie

    20 November

    They look amazing! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  5. Aisling

    21 November


  6. Aisling

    21 November

    Thank you!:Dx

  7. C xoxo

    21 November

    Ah, what a lovely idea! xx

  8. Jenny

    3 December

    wow lovely! nice job 😀
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog <3


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