D.I.Y Colour Eyeliner | Using Sugarpill Pigments - Pale Girl

D.I.Y Colour Eyeliner | Using Sugarpill Pigments

D.I.Y Colour Eyeliner | Using Sugarpill Pigments

Inglot Duraline
Any Colour Eyeshadow Pigment

This is such an easy way of getting any colour eyeliner you want in seconds. I already can’t recommend Inglot’s Duraline enough already for a number of reasons, and recently remembered another awesome reason that you need this in your life. I was attempting a Haley Williams inspired makeup look from the New Found Glory – Vicious Love video and realised I didn’t have any blue eyeliner, which was a pretty important part of the look so I looked around and though i’d make my own.
All you have to do is mix a little drop of duraline into any pigment or eyeshadow that you like and there you go. I used Sugarpill pigment in Royal Sugar. It’s that easy! If your not sure and don’t want to invest, or just want to mess around with funky colours, this the perfect make up DIY for you!

would you give coloured liner a try?

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