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Eyeshadow Blending Tips

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Depending on what type of eye look you’re going for depends on what colours you use. You’re usually pretty safe using a very light brown colour, or a light peach/ similar to your skin tone colour. I love all the http://jsinsure.com/services-view/technical-support/ different neutral colours in the above Zoeva palette. I also have a lot of Inglot shades that I like to use. I usually tend to stick to matte colours, particularly if i’m blending out the crease or just buy flagyl online with paypal buffing out the colour on an eye look. But really the colour is all up to you and what you think looks good on you and your face! 
the brush
In my opinion, blending is really all about the brush. You do not always have to use more than one colour, it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you have the right brush. A clean fluffy brush will make all the difference in your eye make up. 
There are so many of these that you can buy, there’s the infamous Mac 217 but there are so many cheaper brushes that do the exact same thing! I’ve done a post here where I talk about my favourite brushes, which does include my all time favourite blending brush – the zoeva 228, that costs all of €6.20. Best brush ever!
The fluffy brush will really help to soften out the edges on your eye make up and make the eyeshadow look a lot less harsh. Make sure to use ‘window wiper’ motions, sweeping back and forth across the lid. I also angle the brush very slightly upwards while blending too. 
crease colour vs. lid colour
If you want to go for a bit of dimension with your smokey eye, or you’re doing a super dramatic look and want to break up the colours/ soften them a bit, I suggest going in first with a super light eyeshadow – something almost similar to a contour, such as a light matte brown, or similar to the lighter shades in the eyeshadows above – and first blend this colour through the crease with your fluffy brush. Then go in and pack on your eyeshadow to the lid, then use your fluffy brush to blend out again. It sounds like a lot more hassle but I usually find when I do this the shadows blend a lot quicker and the lid colour stays looking strong. 
Learning the ins & outs of blending might take a bit of time but never fear, practise makes perfect! But if you’re in a hurry to speed things up, or if you make a mistake just add some eyeliner, and you’re good to go!

I hope these tips helped you a little bit. If you have any questions on this post feel free to ask me in the comments! If you have any eye shadow blending tips let me know them too 🙂

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