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Fairy Glitter Shoes | DIY

The first of many Halloween DIY projects, of course these don’t have to just be for http://soonersoftwash.com/2016/ Halloween, Glitter shoes are pretty awesome all year ’round! I’d had my eye on a different pairs of holographic and glitter heels for quite a while, I never got around to buying them so instead I decided to here revamp these heels using silver glitter for a kind of similar effect. This idea would also be super cool if you wanted to use red glitter, a pair of pumps (or heels if you want) and use them as Dorothy from The how to order motilium Wizard of Oz shoes. 
what you need
Mod Podge Glue
Chunky Glitter of your choice
Shoes – Converse, heels, whatever you want!

I recommend using mod podge glue for this, normal pva glue might work the same on the tops of converse or rubber surfaces but for the glitter to stick to material I think this is best. Also i is definitely worth using a little sponge to rub the glue on with, but a paint brush would work just fine too.
The whole process is quite simple. I did this outside, mostly because I hate clean up and glitter gets omnicef 100mg webtretho EVERYWHERE. Take the laces off your shoes, and over a sheet of old newspaper start to dab on the mod podge. I did this in section just so it didn’t dry before i had a chance to get the glitter on. I literally just poured the glitter out from the container. I tried to make a glue/glitter mixture and apply that directly – it does not work. I used newspaper under the shoes so when I poured on the glitter, the excess glitter did not go to waste – just pour it from the newspaper back into its container when done! You might end up with a few spaces you might have to go back over, the tongue of the shoe & along the zip is a little more difficult, but not too much – just a little more fiddling and moving around. If you have time, do the these parts first, let them dry and then do the rest.

A little optional extra I did was paint the heels black. The heels were originally a wooden colour and just looked a bit roughed up. So I revamped them with some black acrylic paint that I think looks pretty cool with the silver glitter.
Also totally optional, I sprayed the glitter with artists fixative spray (you could use hairspray, pretty much the same thing), but this really doesn’t make a huge difference but a little less glitter fall out.

Leave them dry (I left mine overnight),put the laces back in & stick on your new & improved revamped super sparkly shoes! This is a super simple DIY, everyone can do it and it’s a great way to save on a Halloween costume or just jazz up some old shoes you were ready to throw out!

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY project & let me know if you give it a try!

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  1. Amira Rahayu

    26 September

    Wow, that was a good diy
    I think i want to do it on one of my shoes,
    thinking about a blue glitter on it


  2. Kowareta Doll

    26 September

    that's such an awesome DIY 🙂

  3. Aisling Wallis

    5 October

    thank you 😀 xo

  4. Aisling Wallis

    5 October

    Thank you! 🙂 Blue glitter would look awesome! I'd love to see it if you do 🙂 xo

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