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Favourite Blending Brushes

Recently I’ve been asked a couple times on my Instagram & Facebook accounts what brushes I’ve been using to do my make up, in particular what I use to blend out my eyeshadow. I’ve done a similar post before on all my favourite brushes (here) but this is an updated version specifically based on blending. These are 5 brushes that I gravitate towards every time I do my makeup.

The first brush is the Isadora Face Sculptor. I first received this in a goodie bag at a blogger event in Cork & I didn’t think a huge deal of it, until one day I reached for it. I use it to contour my cheeks and blend out the contour. It’s a great size, not too big so you don’t over do it on the contouring, and the angled brush fits your cheek so you can be more precise with the product placement.
The Inglot 28PO is a beautiful  paddle brush. I use this for setting a base shadow all over my lid and/or the brow bone. I also use this to put down shadows for a cut crease look.

The Inglot 4SS is an amazing blending brush. It is so soft, so fluffy and so great for blending! I know it’s a little bigger than your average blending brush so i do use this for very light colours that i’m blending into the crease before the darker colours OR you can use this for highlighting and contouring because it’s so precise and again the fluffy, softness of the brush is awesome for blending that contour.

I love Zoeva brushes. They are definitely one of my favourite brush brands, if not my top favourite. I’ve mentioned Zoeva a ton of times here before but if you haven’t use their brushes for definitely check them out. This is the best fluffy blending brush I’ve ever used. It is not a super dense brush. It’s light, fluffy & the perfect size for perfect for blending out hard edges. If you’re not happy with the way your eyeshadow looks, I think you should get this brush and just try blending, blending and blending some more and you will have the perfect smokey eye every time!

The e.l.f blending brush is a super handy little brush. It says blending brush but it’s really more of a pencil brush, it’s a relatively small brush compared to the rest and that makes it perfect for the inner corner and blending eyeshadow under the eye and smoking it out! It’s so cheap & cheerful too, it is definitely one of my favourite & most useful brushes.

So, let me know if you have any of these brushes or what your favourite brushes are right now?

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