How to make Homemade Fake Blood | Halloween DIY

How to make Homemade Fake Blood | Halloween DIY

This fake blood recipe is perfect to use for your zombie/vampire/etc.. looks where you need to basically cover your mouth in ‘blood’ because it’s totally edible and safe to eat, oh and it tastes pretty sweet! All you need to make it is:
Tin of Black Treacle
Red Food Colouring

It’s a sticky, almost ‘clotted’ blood that looks really good in fake cuts. 
All you need to take a few (about 4 depending how red you want the blood to be) spoons of treacle and a tablespoon of red colouring – mix it together and VOILA! 

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  1. Eilis Wallis

    3 November

    Did you dress up on Halloween?? Can you post pics pls :3

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