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July Favourites

1. Lush Dark Angels buy estrace online 2. MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette* 3. Bioderma Micellar Solution
can i buy antabuse online 4. Isadora Face Sculptor Brush* 5. Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in ‘Underground http://earlylearningpoco.ca/2016/09/02/july/ 6. Catrice Tinted brow Gel 7. Isadora Flashing Volume Mascara in Black*  8. E.L.F Eye Contour Brush 9. Isadora Face Sculptor Palette in Warm Peach*
It’s the end of the month, and you know what that means – July Favourites!
I’ve got a few things to tell you about this month that I’ve been using quite a lot and have been staples in my daily make up & skincare routine.
I went to Lush a few months back in search of a new exfoliator, some to exfoliate obviously, but also something for oily skin. I used to use Coal face, a face wash in the form of a bar that I was told was good for clearing up blackheads & blemishes. From what I gather, Lush Dark Angels is exactly that in exfoliator form. Perfect. I use this on my face in the shower or pop it on my problem areas and leave it for a few minutes as a mask. It’s fantastic and it’s also lovely knowing it’s made with all natural ingredients!
I was recently gifted this amazing MAC palette with the most beautiful warm brown, pale pinks and burgundy colours. I use this for a number of different eye looks, neutral looks and dramatic smokey eyes. This palette definitely deserves its own post so I’ll get onto doing that soon!
I picked up my first ever Bioderma product back in May on my trip to Paris, this little travel sized gem was on €2 so I couldn’t say no. I had no real expectations for this so for €2 I couldn’t go wrong. I used this that night to remove my make up, and woah, it was fantastic. The hype around this was real. It cleared off all my make up brilliantly and left my skin feeling amazing. Some make up removers leave your skin feeling dry or greasy afterwards but with this my face just felt clean. As you can tell, it’s all gone and I am definitely going to buy more asap!
This little brush was quite a surprise favourite. Honestly,I didn’t think much of it at first but now I know to never judge a book by its cover. I’m quite used to using smaller, dense kabuki brushes or large powder brushes but this was just the perfect size for soft, subtle bronzing of the skin and just dense enough to buff and blend perfectly.
I did a whole post on this awesome greige lipstick from Gerard Cosmetics. I love this colour, it’s my perfect nude & with so many YouTubers offering discount codes for this brand and free shipping, it’s cheap and cheerful and generally fantastic. Check out my more in depth post HERE.
This Catrice tinted eyebrow gel has been a favourite of mine for so long, so long the writing has mostly faded of and I can no longer tell what shade it is. Since I started tinting my brows a slightly darker colour I hardly ever fill them in, I just use this to set them in lace and tidy them up a bit. This is a cheap and cheerful product, I cant remeber now but I think about €4, and I will definitely buy this over and over again.
Another product that I was hugely suprised by and has now become a huge favourite of mine, if not my favourite mascara ever. Isadora is a brand I only recently tried out when I was gifted some bits and pieces from them in a blogger meet up goodie bag. This is the most lengthening and volumising mascara I have ever tried! It’s seriously amazing. Like, really.
This is a little brush I’ve owned for ages and rekindle my love for every now and again. It’s cheap, cheerful and is the perfect brush for brightening up the inner corner of your eye or smoking out the lower lash line!
Last, but not least, another Isadora product (can you tell I’ve been impressed by this brand?) The Face Sculptor Palette in Warm Peach. As you can see, it’s a trio of bronzer, blush and highlight. Honestly I can’t  say much about the blush – I’m not a blush wearer – BUT I love this highlight and bronzer. The highlight is a lovely ‘crystally’ peach pink colour that is sublte to buildable and just lovely for everyday make up. The bronzer is great for warming up the skin and very blendable. As with many bronzers, if you’re a pale girl like my don’t use too much or you will look a little orange! I use my NYX blush in taupe to contour and lightly bronze my face with this using the Isadora sculptor brush.
That’s all my favourites for July! I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love to know your favourites this month!
Do you use any of the products mentioned above?

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