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Lush Christmas Collection Event

I went to this Christmas event at Lush Dublin a couple weeks ago and I got so excited for Christmas but since it wasn’t even Halloween yet I decided to save this post until a little later. The event was an informative night all about the limited edition Christmas products! It was magical. I am obsessed with Lush, the smells and everything Christmas. I was so intrigued especially because every year my sister & I always go to Lush and pick out 2 or 3 items and get them for each other as our Christmas presents. I took pictures on the night of some of the new Christmas items, and returning items, *Hello Snow Fairy!* and picked up a few items that i’ll be talking about in later posts.
At the event of the event, each blogger was surprised with an amazing gift of all the Christmas bath bombs & bubble bars! I know, how amazing is that? As if I need an excuse to take a nice relaxing bath! So far, I’ve tried the peeping santa bubble bar, I will say I felt a little bad watching santa melt away. Also the ‘so white’ bath bomb that fizzled into an amazing pastel pink colour & was super moisturising!
I will definitely do more posts on the bubble bars & bath bombs soon! I definitely encourage you to take a trip to Lush & see everything for yourself, and smell all the amazing Christmas scents! Will you try any of the Lush Christmas products?

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