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Most Used This Week | #1

This weeks most loved products in my make up bag included:
source link Revlon Whipped Foundation
I got this a while back, used it once or twice and didn’t really look at it much again. Then one day, fate. I ran out of my usual foundation and turned to this one. Now, I love it! It lasts all day (perfect for college – hello final year), it’s a great shade and is super buildable but also a nice light coat gives a nice matte coverage. I actually like the whipped consistency of it, it seems ‘thick’ but it’s actually very ‘airy’. Last but not least, Revlon are great for having a vast selection of warm & cool shades available for everyone & also great for pale skin!
source site NYX HD Concealer
I recently tried my first ever NYX products, and love them! I’m very fussy when it comes to concealer, I hum & haw before I decide if I like it – usually I kinda don’t.. But after using this one for about 3 weeks solid now, I can confirm I love it. It is way better than I thought, I originally just bought it not knowing much about it but I needed a new concealer. It has awesome coverage, it’s creamy and blendable and just the right amount of ‘heavy’. It’s also an awesome match for my pale skin. SCORE.

cost for generic plavix Catrice Ultra Fine Ink Eyeliner
I’ve loved Catrice for a while now, being a student they are my go to affordable make up brand when I need something but I’m broke, but also just a great brand. I love a lot of their products, but they’re Ink Liner is affordable, not waterproof but stays put and it’s so easy to use! I pop this one in a quick second every morning before college. 

Zoeva Eyeliner Pencil
Yes, another eyeliner, i’m (not) sorry. These eyeliners are possibly the best eyeliners I’ve ever used! Being a self confessed eyeliner (liquid or other) addicted, I really mean it. These liners are super creamy & ‘smudge-able’ – perfect for a smokey or or just nice and soft for lining the water line. They glide on, none of this trying to soften an eyeliner with a light business.. And they are so affordable! Bottom line – I need more of these.

Mac Copperplate Eyeshadow
I’ve been using this for my eyebrows and it is such a lovely colour! It looks so grey in the container but it comes out perfectly on my ashy blonde brows. I use this along with a couple other products (see this post) but this is a lovely colour to use with blonde or ashy hair & is totally matte.

Do you use any of these? And, what do you think?
Let me know your Top 5 Favourites in your make up bag this week!

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