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My Life According to Instagram | October

My Life According to Instagram | October"http:////" 1. I went to a lovely Lush event in Dublin & got so many Christmas goodies! 
follow url 2. I started an etsy shop! This is a handmade crystal necklace that I made & you can buy one here 
go here 3. I went to Dublin to hear about the Kielhs x MTV Staying Alive Foundation x Tinie Tempah launch. I’ve been using this moisturising cream & my face is sooooft.  
4. It’s so sunny, especially for Autumn, so we’ve been strolling 
  5. Again, I went to Dublin to attend The Glitter Studio event (I wrote about it here) & modelled some flower crowns for Hippenings, then went for an amazing meal at Pitt Bros. I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo of the awesome food, but this is the best cider I’ve ever tasted (maybe on par with my other fav Orchard Thieves) that they brew themselves! 
6. Balthazar being Vogue.  
7. I wrote about The Glitter Studio on the blog, although it’s mostly photographs of pretty things  
8. Warm tones & prettiness from the MAC collection ‘ MACnificent Me’  
9. The most beautiful eyeshadow ever, Urban Decay Moondust in ‘solstice’ 
10. The amazing Urban Decay Vice 4 palette is blowing my mind. 
11. #selfie with dark glittery panda eyes & greige lips 
12. Trying out the Vice 4 for the first time, more on my instagram @palegirlireland 
  13. I talk all about my eyebrow routine, which i’m finally happy about #browsonfleek 
14. hey puddin, itsss me Harley Quinn!  
15. Another blog post, blog posts to write when you have writer’s block! 
16. The only surviving photo from my Halloween night out with friends *yes that’s an Orchard Thieves YUM* 

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