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NYX Blush in Taupe | Contouring for Pale Skin

NYX Blush in Taupe | Contouring for Pale Skin


As someone with super pale skin, the struggle to find makeup that doesn’t just look orange on my skin is very real. I mean, I get asked if i’m sick, feeling ok or am a ‘goth’ on a weekly basis and it is literally just the colour of my skin. I have so many stories, I could go on but I think that’s for another blog post.

 Bronzers always tend to have a very warm orange or red undertone and I feel that only in recent years have companies decided it’s time to bring out the cool tones a little more. NYX Taupe is definitely one of those few cool toned shades available.

As far as quality of product, I really enjoy using this. It recently was repackaged & it was definitely for the better. I had the old NYX blush packaging and it was much smaller and mine broke almost straight away. Now the packaging is bigger, so there is also more product, and it’s much sturdier. It has passed the test of living in my make up bag for the last few months without breaking. Definite thumbs up there!

It is a pigmented blush without having a huge amount of powdery fall out. I wouldn’t describe it as a creamy powder, which might be a turn-off for some. I haven’t tried any other NYX blushes but NYX blush in Taupe is a little ‘stiff’. By this I mean it is a product that you need a nice brush to blend it out. It isn’t terribly so, I still really enough the product! I tend to use the Isadora Sculptor Brush* or a ‘skunk’ brush/duo fibre stippling brush. I think that the stippling brush is the best option as it blends out flawlessly and doesn’t pick up too much product all at once. I wrote a blog post about a year ago about contouring for pale skin that you can read HERE.

It is also super reasonable priced! NYX blush in Taupe retails at €7.75 and you can purchase it in  most pharmacies in Ireland & Shaws. I’ve been on the search for years for a contour colour that suits my pale Irish skin & doesn’t look orange and out of place on my face. So overall, I am delighted with this product and definitely recommend it for pale skin. It also can be used as a cute cool toned shadow too!

Let me know your favourite contouring products?


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