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Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice

Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice


left to right: equinox, subsolar, hemisphere, ecliptic

Have you ever wanted to glow like the sun or glisten like the mermaid that you are? Look no further. I mean, I’ve never come across a highlighter like this one before. If you have ever swatched MAC’s Soft & Gentle MSF highlighter, this palette is like that, but on steroids. I brush a tiny bit of this on and I feel badass.

Each of the four shades are beautifully metallic. Eclipic is a pink toned cream highlight. Hemisphere & Equinox are both baked powders. Hemisphere is a pink/purple shimmering highlight that is so silky and smooth it feels like butter. It is a beautiful metallic shade that has pigmentation you can probably see from space & is probably my favourite shade in the palette. Equinox is a similar formula to Hemisphere. It is a very pretty baked light bronze highlighting powder and is also a frequently worn shade from this palette. And lastly, Subsolar is a silky, shimmering highlighting powder. It is a different formula to all the other shades. It is very light and less metallic. It is an off white and has a light golden undertone. Definitely the most ‘natural’ of all shades in the palette.

Another plus side to this palette is the price. I was so surprised when I found out this was under €15. There are so many highlighters and highlighting palettes on the market right now that are amazing but cost an absolute bomb. This palette only costs €14.49 on Absolute bargain.

I’m reluctant to try some highlighters because, like some eyeshadows, you can end up with a cakey, chalky powder. These powders feel soft and silky on the skin and leave a beautiful sheen without building up into a cakey mess. I use my fluffy Inglot 228 brush (which is like an oversized fluffy blending brush) to lightly dust this onto my cheekbones, tip of my nose and cupids bow. These products are so pigmented that you don’t need more than a dusting for a beautiful glow.

Let’s take a moment to admire this fabulous packaging. I’ve joined the bandwagon of rose gold obsessives. What can I say, I’m a bit of a magpie. It comes with a small brush, but as I said I use my Inglot 228 brush with these powders and I pat the cream on with my finger. I’m also really happy with the mirror. I’ve used it many a time to fix my makeup on the go. The packaging is lightweight but sturdy. It has passed the test of living in makeup bag so far.

Overall I’m super happy with this highlight. It definitely hasn’t put an end to my obsession with buying them highlighters (as I said, I’m a magpie) but it certainly is my current favourite and the one I gravitate towards the most. Would I buy this again? Yes indeed!


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  1. Wow you look beautiful as always:-) Maybe you’ll do my makeup one day..

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