How to Start a Beauty Blog | Getting Set Up #1

How to Start a Beauty Blog|Getting Set Up #1

How to Start a Beauty Blog|Getting Set Up #1
 Starting a blog can be really overwhelming. There are so many bits & bobs you would never even think about. I wish I had someone to tell me how to do all the behind the scenes things like designing my blog, showing me how to take photos, how to promote posts and all that jazz! Sometimes I think people forgetting that blogging isn’t just writing and posting. It’s taken me over 5 years to learn everything I know. I’m gonna be that friend that helps you set up your blog step by step. So let’s start at the beginning.

What should I call my blog?

This took me a while. I first named by blog Pale Girl. Then I changed it a couple times. Then I called it ‘imagination & a pinch of inspiration’. *Cringe*. I soon changed it back again to Pale Girl and it finally stuck. Deciding on a name that suits you and your style can take a while. I recommend doing a mind map! Write down tons of words you like and hopefully you’ll get some inspiration and something will stick. Or you could use your own name! Whatever you decide is totally up to you.

Choosing WordPress or Blogger

This is the infamous question. Like most, I started out on blogger and eventually migrated to WordPress. Why you ask? Well Blogger is great. I would still recommend it to anyone starting out. It is easy enough to set up and use. But WordPress gives you a lot more opportunity to use different plugins on your blog and expand on your basic design. Although I have found that you can purchase pretty awesome templates for both Blogger and WordPress on Etsy or Pipdig. But besides that so far I haven’t really come across a huge difference between Blogger and WordPress.

How to Setup your Domain Name

So once you’ve decided on a name, I recommend buying a domain. It was something that I held off doing for no reason at all. I used to have ‘’, whereas now it’s It’s easier to say, easier for people to remember and sounds a lot more professional. How do I do this you ask? It’s actually really easy! It cost me €1.99 on a website called ‘Go Daddy’. I’m not affiliated with this site or anything, but you will see me mention it a couple times because after a lot of research it’s the hosting site I decided to use. Head to the website and search for your domain, it might not be free (hence the – in my domain name) so you might have to do a little thinking or rejigging here.

With blogger you can add the domain name without paying for a hosting site. But if you choose wordpress you’re going to have to pay. I pay a fee to GoDaddy each year to host my website and for my domain name. It’s really not that much at all and they tend to have different promotions running all the time. Setting up the domain name can be a little tricky if you already have a blog, like I did before I bought Here’s a link to an awesome blog post that shows you how to change to a custom domain on blogger.

 Start Writing those Posts

So now you have your blog named, up and running and it’s time to start writing! That’s why you wanted to start a blog anyway isn’t it? Everyone is different when it comes to writing but I usually make a list of ideas when i’m feeling creative and work from there! The most important part of your blog is the content. So make sure you write about what you like and are interested in so your passion can shine through. Personally I love ready blogs where it feels like the person writing is a friend, not a robot, so don’t worry about your style of writing. Just be yourself.

That’s it for my first part of the series. In the next few series of posts i’ll chat about photography, website design, promoting your blog, social media and lots more.

Let me know if you have any questions or I missed something in this post let me know here, send me a tweet or message me on my Facebook page. Stay tuned for the next few posts in the series!


Aisling Wallis is the writer & creator of She is a 23 year old Business & Event Management graduate currently living in Ireland. Pale Girl is a blog about all kinds of make up, lifestyle, travel & all sorts.


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