Tattoo Tuesday #1 | Adam Birchall - Pale Girl

Tattoo Tuesday #1 | Adam Birchall

Tattoo Tuesday #1 | Adam Birchall

Welcome to the first ever post in the ‘Tattoo Tuesday’ series on Pale Girl! On the first Tuesday of each month, Tattoo Tuesday will feature a different person’s tattoos, meanings, chats and interviews with tattoo artists from around Ireland!

First up, we have Adam Birchall, a barber from Co. Clare, who has some pretty awesome tattoos & piercings (check out that microdermal on his chest!) to show us and has done a little interview to tell us all we need to know about his tattoos! Alright, I suppose we’ll start at the beginning! Tell us a little about yourself 🙂
I’m Adam Birchall, I’m 20 years old, 21 next week actually haha! I’m a fully qualified barber, I also love doing women’s hair. Everyone seems to ask this but how old were you when you got you first tattoo & which one is it?
I was 16 when I got my first tattoo! It is the star made up of music notes tattoo I have on my left wrist.
How do you feel about your first tattoo now?
I still love it, I think it’s really cute anyway haha! 🙂
What made you fall in love with tattoos? 
My brother and sister always were getting tattoos, and I was obsessed with them, so I warned my mom and dad that one day I was gonna be covered! haha. Don’t think they believed me, but guess i’m proving them wrong slowly but surely!
Which is your current favourite tattoo? & Who did it?
I have 2, my chest, the owl. And the barber on my right arm! Both done by Dave Donnellan in Classic Craft in Ennis.
Who is your favourite tattoo artist?
Oh god, I couldn’t pick, I love Anjris Straume, his portaits are incredible!
Do you have a theme/how would you describe your style when it comes to tattoos?
On my left arm it’s all an underwater theme, but i also love black and grey.
Do you have any ideas for tattoos in the future?
Oh god, loads, I don’t know where to start! would love a neck piece! and back piece, and leg piece.just everywhere hahaha!
Find Adam on Instagram @adammbirchall, on Facebook here OR his barber shop on Facebook here!
Hope you enjoyed the first installment of Tattoo Tuesday here on Pale Girl! There will be loads of awesome interviews and photoshoots coming up over the next few months so don’t forget to check back!
If you’d like to take part in Tattoo Tuesday feel free to send me an email or message on Facebook!

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