Tattoo Tuesday #2 | Brenners McGoo Blogger - Pale Girl

Tattoo Tuesday #2 | Brenners McGoo Blogger

Tattoo Tuesday #2 | Brenners McGoo Blogger


Hey All, welcome back to the second Tattoo Tuesday featuring Brenners McGoo, an awesome fellow blogger based in Limerick! This month she talks to us over a hot chocolate about the meaning behind her tattoos, how she’s starting her sleeve & we visited an awesome barber shop wallpapered in comic books!
Seroquel with repronex Hey Brenners, why don’t we start by telling the readers a little about yourself?

I like all things alternative! Weird and wonderful clothes, 50s style dresses, outrageous shoes, crazy coloured hair and safe, natural cosmetics. I also love to grow my own fresh fruit and veg and make my own skincare using plant oils and essential oils.I’m really outdoorsy. I like to be outside all the time but I hate the Irish weather haha! I’m also a cat fanatic, I have my little cat Peachy & my brother just got me a new kitten called Bella. And I love tattoos!
follow site How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
I just turned 18 – I was quite young at the time. The first tattoo is a little treble clef. I’m a singer and I was in college studying music at the time. I feel like I get tattoos when something happens in my life. I had just broken up with my childhood boyfriend and moved away to Cork. I just woke up one day and said  to my dad, ‘I’m going to get a tattoo today.’ and I thought he’d kill me but he actually said that sounds lovely so I went to get it before he changed his mind!
go to site How do you feel about your first tattoo now? 
I still love that tattoo! But my newest tattoo is my favourite one. I feel like the idea of this whole area is the story of my life. Music is still in my life, I sing in a band doing 90’s rock covers!
When did you fall in love with tattoos?
I never saw a tattoo and fell in love, I just wanted one for me. Then I always wanted more and more. I feel like it’s going somewhere and I want it to keep going. Initially it was just a tattoo, there was nothing that drew me to it other than I wanted one for myself. It was never a person or a tattoo I saw, I just had a feeling that I had, it was something emotionally that just told me I had to do it that day. I know I won’t regret it, it’s not like I was drunk and just decided haha! My mam keeps saying to me ‘you’ll be paying to get them removed’ and I’m like No I won’t, I’ll be that 90 year old woman in the nursing home with blue hair and tattoos!
Do you have any favourite tattoo artists?
No, I actually don’t. I have 3 different tattoos from 3 different tattoo artists and the last artist who did it was french, my sister lives in France, his name is Cécyl, and his tattoo studio is right across the road and I went in! I had seen some of his work, he’s amazing and he does a lot of dark style tattoos. I know it probably killed him to tattoo a unicorn with blue hair haha but he did it and it’s brilliant! I plan to go back to him again, and everytime i’m over there i’ll get a little bit added to it so he is my favourite tattoo artist now.

Are you planning on getting anymore tattoos?
My dad recently passed away and he was really into fly fishing – he used to make his own flies as well – so i’m going to get one of them done. I also want to get a cartoony purple haired girl on my arm & maybe a little lipstick because I love lipstick! More things in my life that I love! I want to go for, like, an inner arm sleeve because people kind of have to go ‘oooh, let me see that?’. I feel like it stays a bit more personal that way.
Then Brenda & I ended up chatting for another half an hour about bits & bobs and each others tattoos over a coffee and hot chocolate! Thanks so much for chatting with me and letting us know all about your tattoos & their amazing meanings behind them.
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That’s it for the second Tattoo Tuesday! I’ve got some really exciting tattoos to feature over the coming months that I’m really looking forward to showing you on the blog, aaaaaand I hope to have a Tattoo Tuesday video & behind the scenes up on YouTube soon! Eeeek i’m excited!
Til next time,

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