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tattoo tuesday #3 | interview with rebelle haze

tattoo tuesday #3 | interview with rebelle haze Welcome to Tattoo Tuesday! What’s up, want to tell us a bit about yourself & your blog?
My name is Rebelle-Haze. I’m a plus sized, feminist blogger and I do a bit of sex education and positive mental health on my blog. It’s all lovely, shiny, happy alternative stuff really!

order accutane online cheap What made you first fall in love with tattoos?
I don’t rightly know to be honest with you! It’s something I’ve always been interested in, I don’t even remember the first time I saw one, like no one in my family has tattoos, my parents never had tattoos, I just remember thinking how they were so pretty and decorated the skin, even when I was younger, and they could have been chronic, but I’d be like ‘look at the pictures!‘, and I knew that’s what i wanted for myself, to decorate my whole body in these gorgeous pieces of art.
I’d love to get tattooed by the likes of Megan Massacre, I think she’s really cool, I really like her! And Rachel Baldwin, she’s really cool too!
Do you think you have a style or a theme to all your tattoos?
I think the only common thing between all of them, bar the writing across the top of my knees that says ‘my life, my rules’, the only thing they all have in common is that they’re colourful. I can see a bit of a theme coming together, like one side I have an arty piece as my sleeve and i think i would carry on with that sort of thing. Then I’m thinking on the other side i would go for a feminist sleeve, but i’m so will I/won’t I, it’s definitely the anxiety so I might just stick to a feminist half sleeve.
The question on everyone’s mind, the one that started it all – what was your first tattoo?
My first tattoo is a tiny little butterfly on the back of my shoulder because that was the only thing I was allowed to get! My mother was going to pay for my first tattoo but i had to get a picture of it first and carry it around with me for a year, i swear to god, and i had to get it done by someone she knew and recommended and she would pay for it and that is my first tattoo. And it is shit, I won’t name names but they butchered me, it’s all raised out and scar tissue. I went back a few years later to get it fixed and they said ‘you never got that done here but if you want it fixed we’ll fix it for you’. Now it looks like a little bat or a moth or something (it’s a butterfly), it’s ridiculous. So in spite of my mothers best efforts, I still have a shit first tattoo! It’s not too bad, it kind of goes into my sleeve and that hides it a bit but it’s still my first tattoo and ill always remember the excitement of it. I still wouldn’t cover it, purely for sentimental reasons.
What inspires you to get a certain tattoo?
I think all of them have a personal meaning or motivation to them. I have a couple of political ones, like feminist tattoos and things like that but some of them are literally just pretty pictures. I have a full sized pin up portrait of my mother on my left leg. What does your mom think of that? She thought I was mad! She also wishes she looked like the picture haha but she just thought I was mental because it goes from my ankle to my knee and she ‘what are you after doing, you taking up the whole of your leg‘ but it said ‘Mom’ at the end so it’s fine haha! At this stage, she doesn’t even bat an eye about my tattoos anymore! When I had less tattoos, she was more concerned about what they were going to look like and who I was going to go to. Whereas the other day I showed her the uterus one and she was just like ‘it’s different!‘ and just left haha!
Have you ever gotten a spontaneous tattoo?
I actually don’t would you believe, I think the most spontaneous one was the uterus one because I’d gotten the semi colon/warrior tattoo the week before and Elaine, my tattoo artist, had given me the artwork for the glittery uterus and I was just looking at it every single day up on my mantel piece and thinking I know I want to get it, and I ended up getting it done the following week! I just couldn’t wait. But that’s about as impulsive as I get! I think it’s the anxiety that doesn’t let me get a spontaneous tattoo because I’d be freaking out before it and afterwards thinking ‘what did i do that for!‘. So I think it’s safer to just plan it.
Out of all your awesome tattoos, what’s your favourite?
Would you believe, I can’t pick favourites! I love my uterus tattoo, but they’re all like my children, i can’t pick a favourite one. Everytime I look at one I’m like ‘oh i love it so much‘. I just can’t pick. I can pick the most sore though! My knees, just over my knees. I got the sweats and everything! I also have one of my feet done and I want to be really, really committed to really loving something to go through that amount of pain again.
Any ideas for future tattoos?
I have so many. I would love more Halloween inspired tattoos, I have the bride of Frankenstein on my thigh but I would a Nightmare before Christmas inspired tattoo with loads of pumpkins because I love Halloween so much. I also love owls so I would love to get a little owl somewhere and a little sugar skull, I would love one!
Do your tattoos have any deep meanings that you’d like to share?
The one on my left leg is for my mam, I want to get one for my mom while she’s still alive and can see it. So many people get memorial tattoos when the person is gone and they never get to see them, so I thought I need to get this and I would like her to see it so that she knows that this is on my body forever and I love it.
The Bride of Frankenstein is because I love all things Halloween and horror so as soon as I saw her i said i need her and i want to have her!
I have my feminist cupcake ‘Riots not Diets’ on my thigh because ‘I’m a big angry feminist’ (haha) and i love the whole idea, it speaks to me because im big into the idea of positivity and the media shaping how we see ourselves and how women are portrayed and that there is so much more to do and be in this world than to be on a diet and be skinny!
And my glittery utuerus because im just absolutely in love with it! Even looking at it now, im smiling and thinking oh i love it! And that was a Valfre inspired tattoo as well.
and of course the semi colon tattoo/warrior tattoo for mental health because i have anxiety and it can be a battle at times and I can be my own warrior! It’s another way of bringing mental health to the forefront and just being like look it’s ok that you have been through this period of your life where your life could have ended but it didn’t, and you chose to carry on. There are so many people out there that have this and you could spot other people with the tattoo and it would start a conversation, or even for someone who doesn’t have the tattoo on social media they’d be able to see it and think of that person has gone through the same thing, and that person and that person too are all feeling the same thing.
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