Where to Eat in Galway | The Chili Shack

Where to Eat in Galway | The Chili Shack

Where to Eat in Galway | The Chili Shack

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I’ve recently been spending tons of time in Galway city, and being the food obsessive that I am I’ve been trying as many awesome places to eat as I can. That sparked this new series on the blog, ‘Where to Eat in Galway’. First up one of my favourites so far (I went 3 times last month and have no regrets), The Chili Shack.

The Price

The Chili Shack boasts a tasty menu of, well you guessed it, chilli! They are super reasonably priced too, everything starts at just €5 and that tasty looking bacon burger and chips racks up at only €8.50. The most expensive dish on the menu is only€9.50! Galway is full of great places with deals on food and The Chili Shack is definitely one of them.

The Food

The Chili Shack has a great menu with something for everyone. They have two chilli options, http://littleparadisehotel.com/?wordfence_lh=1 chunky  go beef or vegan three bean. You can have your chilli in a burrito, on rice, on nachos or fries. They have a variety of different extras too like cheese, sour cream, lime, chipotle mayo, red onion, jalapenos, corainder and chilli mix. Plus all these extras are free! That’s not all, they have buffalo or xxx hot chicken wings and a selection of awesome beef burgers. I’ve tried the smoked stacked, a burger with smoked cheese, rocket and an onion ring. I also recommend trying ‘The Beast’. It is everything in a burger, chilli, cheese, bacon, onion ring and lettuce. You name it it’s in this burger and it’s only €9.50 with fries.

The Place

The Chili Shack is located on 19 Abbeygate Street Upper, Galway. It’s really easy to find, it’s just off Shop Street right in the middle of Galway City.

The Quirks

If you’re feeling competitive you can try their Dirty Dozen Hot Wing Challenge! You have to eat 12 suuuuper extra hot chicken wings as fast as you can and you win free meals until your time is beaten! Be warned, the current time is about 1 minute 22 seconds.

Leave me your suggestions on where to eat in Galway next!


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